A ferry to Victoria

The drive to Victoria was a bit of a dreary one. The country was spectacular as usual, however, the weather was not very good. The drive was through mostly rain and drizzles and did not finally clear up until we were almost in Vancouver. We left Edmonton at 11 am and almost drove all the way through. We overnighted in a budget hotel for 75 USD a night, and drove the remaining couple of hours to the ferry terminal south of Vancouver. 

Vancouver and area is very large and is the destination of many people on holidays. It is also the place many Asians pick as their new home. Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada and at almost the most southern point giving it a mild climate. Vancouver itself is surrounded by many other communities making it a very large area. Even though cities such as Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, and other areas are somewhat independent, they are generally included as part of Vancouver when one speaks of it. Is a beautiful city and worth visiting if you are ever out this way. Anyway….. A ferry ride for a vehicle and 1 passenger costs 45 USD and on it we went. The weather was a lot better but still a bit cold, so we did not spend too much time on the top deck. We were on a new ship that offered a lot of services including a buffet lunch for a mere 20 dollars. (I wonder if I will ever get that hungry) We are now In Victoria, a city on the most southern tip of Vancouver Island. We will spend the next 6 days enjoying a visit with our parents before making our way back to NhaTrang…… our new home. 

I know!!!   A pretty pathetic blog today. I am having a bit of a writers block, along with a lack of subject matter. In Vietnam, there seems to always be something I can write about…. Maybe the same is true here, but I am having problems seeing it. 

At least there are some pictures J

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2 thoughts on “A ferry to Victoria

  1. I love Vancouver, Victoria, the entire West Coast – I swear I’ll end up living there again some day. Well, unless I manage Provence, which is the only other place on the planet to capture my heart!

  2. Owen , you are doing a great Job with your writing , that is why Us Aussies like reading your blogs.
    You tell is how it is (no bulls**t here), oh and the photo’s are great too.
    All the best to you both as you make your way Home to
    Nha Trang 🙂

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