Falling asleep

Yesterday I referred to some web statistics that amazed me. I have just re-checked to make sure I was not in some drunken haze or something equivalent, and my amazement continues. The amount of people in Australia that have been reading my material has almost tripled. Auzzies are now the second highest visitors to the site. Perhaps it is because Vietnam is closer to them than the west and therefore, a good holiday destination. I assume that some of my ramblings will help a traveler to make decisions, and understand a bit about this country.

Sometimes I wonder what the heck all of you see in my writing that is worth your valuable time. I am just some nobody who started writing on the daily things that can happen and about what I understand about a country that is totally different from my own. From time to time, I get to thinking that I should hang it up or slow it down, but then I look at the website statistics and am always surprised. I have also been surprised at the fact that I have uploads over 1200 photographs. I wish I had set up a photo album in the beginning, but as it stands now, if I use a widget to collect the photos from the blog to make a photo album… They would all appear on one page making it the slowest loading page in history. Maybe somebody will come up with a utility that will allow me just to select limited photo’s for page for you to view.

I am fighting fatigue now. I nod off and wake up to see that I have not written anything. Darn!!! It just happened again. Sorry…. No adventures today. I am with my mother and father. Maybe tomorrow we will continue…..

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4 thoughts on “Falling asleep

  1. Hi Owee,I am in HCMC.Leaving on early train Sunday mornin g for Nha Trang.ETA at Tide is approx 1pm.Will be glad to get outa this Saigon Town.Cheers.

  2. Start a photo album now for “the second six months.” You can always go back at some point and organize the first six months by doing a week’s worth at a time on days you don’t have a lot to write about 🙂

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