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Mai and I have had some touching moments over the past couple of days. We are here to tie up loose ends and some of them are saying goodbye to very good friends. After the ex co-worker party, it was family. My sister arranged for all of my remaining family to get together and it was a good time. I got to see my grand niece and her 4 tooth smile, as well as the rest of my loved ones. I will miss them all, but the computer age has made it

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 possible that we will be in touch every day. Just turn on the machine and I am there…… 10000 miles away, but there none the less. ….. Oh My!!!!! I just had a pleasurable experience!!! For the first time in about 15 years, I have consumed toast with butter. Wow!! It was so good that at this moment I am making another 2 slices. I had forgotten how good some simple thing can be. Anyway…..

This morning Mai and I had Dim-sum with some very good friends. Ba and Chau are very close friends and it was with very emotional moments, we said goodbye…  We hope to see them again, but maybe not….. They are now in their late seventies, but in great condition. Ba is an endless source of information as he worked under cover for the  CIA during the conflict. Chau is a loving and dedicated woman. I truly hope that Mai and I will forever enjoy each other as this couple has.

Lastly, I had arranged to see a couple of life long friends (Danny and David). With great effort they found the time to spend a couple of hours with me. Both of them are very busy but perhaps we all realized that this is a real goodbye. My ticket back to Vietnam is one way. It was with sad feelings that I said goodbye to all of these people. I love them all and hope that some of them can come and visit me. It is a hard thing, saying goodbye, but this is it. Our ticket back to Vietnam is one way.

 Now we will return to a new life with new friends. I have had the honor of meeting some very good people and am in the process of making new life long ( as long as it lasts) friendships. 

I hope this blog makes sense… I have had way too many….. but saying bye to good friends also involves some social drinking….. the only problem is that I have a lot of friends……..

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4 thoughts on “Just boring mushy stuff

  1. Your current plane ticket is one way. BUT you can buy new plane tickets! Mai probably thought she’d never see Vietnam again the first time she left, much less ever live there again. Life changes all the time, and this is just one big change. Thing is, you can’t predict the future 🙂

  2. Not good bye but until we meet again….in this life or the next. As you said with the computer age everyone is just a click away, not in person but…….

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