Not only in Vietnam.

Today we spent the day with some Vietnamese friends. We were invited to stay for dinner, but thought it was better if we dined out. I thought it would be us, our friends, and Ken who we also invited. When we left for the restaurant, there were 11 people who came. Huh?? Oh well, I asked Maii and she said that they would look after themselves… Yea right. After the meal the check was put on the table and it seemed always to end up in front of me. Nobody offered to help pay, si I got stuck paying for a lot more people than I had intended to invite. I would expect this from the Vietnamese in Their home country….. but here??? Needless to say I am a bit dissapointed and our friends will never get a dinner invitation again as long as I live.

In many asian cultures you are expected to pay if you are the one that invited them. Be careful about how many are around at the time because it may cost you a fortune.

I am too exhausted to continue…. sorry for the short blog


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4 thoughts on “Not only in Vietnam.

  1. It is the norm with Vietnamese….. you invite, you pay. If they invite but expect you to pay, you are being used!!

  2. I had met up with Vietnamese friends in Quy Nhon afew years back and was invited to dinner. I never got to order anything and was told I am the guest and was not paying for anything or helping to pay. Pleasantly surprised but my friends were Viet Kieu so this may have had something to do with it.

  3. Sounds like Dining Out can be a “Wealth Hazard”.Thanks for the tip Owee,once again priceless,i wudda felt really ripped off!You know how us Aussies like a Fair Go!Cheers,Mate

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