A heart felt apology to a nice couple.

There was more than one couple from Hanoi staying in my hotel in the National holiday, and I mistakenly assumed it was the young couple from Minnesota, as they had changed their plans, and checked out earlier than expected. Ben and Jeni….. Please forgive my presumption. You are very nice people and I was wrong in my assumptions. Please accept my apology.

And thank you for the information about the dive. I will do my best to secure a better and more reliable dive company. It is people like you and your feedback that make positive changes for others wanting to enjoy Vietnam. I truley hope the rest of your trip went well.

Now onto another matter.

I am sorry, but I have to cut my blog short today. We are dealing with an emergency and I will decide if it is worth sharing with you for tomorrows post. I am a bit torn because I know a lot of you enjoy the daily unexpected things that happen as part of the adventure that is my life, but this is a tough one. Please be advised that Mai, my staff and I are OK.

I will seek the advice of others and perhaps post the events tomorrow

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