Critters in the house

Today we said goodbye to a nice couple from England, and hello to a new couple from the same place. So many travelers have interesting stories and experiences to share. I am enjoying them all. 

I had some Philippine guests for the last week. They seemed like nice people, however, A Singaporean man who was with them expressed concerns to me about his girlfriends uncle who was always involved in some kind of card game. One night he tried to use our rooms for an overnight game and we did not allow this as the guests were un registered. It may very well we enforced this policy as there was something not quite right about the situation. I remembered another blogger writing about a scam going on in Saigon and have a feeling that these people might be involved in the same kind of business. Here is a link to that story 

and for fun here is a link to another scam 

You can probably recognize the poor victim in one of the stories. Anyway I will have to be on guard in the future. The signs I saw make a similar thing happening here likely.

My best friend

 Let me tell you a bit about some of the things that have been spotted in the house and hotel. It is inevitable that some critters and creepy crawlies will get into a persons house. Depending where you live will determine what you will see. I have tried to photograph them as I encountered them. Two that I do not have photos for are rats and bats. There are many ways a rat can get into a

Very hungry ants

building and from time to time can be seen. They are timid nocturnal creatures and a person can go for weeks without seeing one, but there are a lot here. Tha bats are a bit of a pain as they love to hang from the braces in my car pord, and drop their refuse on my driveway. For the longest time I could not figure out what was causing the mess in two small areas…. Now the mystery is solved. My favorite visitors are the lizards.

Some kind of cricket or locust

 They are my pals but Mai screams every time she encounters them. I think she scares me and the poor lizard way more than the lizard scared her. Here are some pictures of critters taken in our places.

I am not sure........
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  1. Bats do carry rabies so it might be a plan to see if you can’t get them to move on to a different location.

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