Another power outage and other frustrating stuff

David & Alice and a cool jug

Yea?  A person hears that a lot here. It does not mean I agree, or yes, but sorry I did not hear you. I cannot recall how many times in the past I would ask and think I had an answer. Do you want to go for dinner tomorrow? Yea……  Then I show up and she says what is going on? Or….I am broke, do you have enough money for the groceries…. Yea. Well guess what?? I end up running to the instant teller while she gets to sit and wait making it look like I am a dolt! I am used to it now, but if you talk with Vietnamese people, do not take Yea for an answer. It only means What? If they say yes, it is usually a Yea repeated for or five times quickly.

 Tomorrow we are expecting yet another power outage. Probably a very good time for me to go on one of the tours that has been offered. I will write about that later if I indeed go. 

As a final parting trip, Drifter and I re-visited Cam Ranh Bay with the purpose of buying some giant Mangos. The morning was spent by discovering a small market that was large for the size of the town. It was buried back from the main road where it could not be seen. We caused a lot of giggles and curious looks as we roamed around. Back on the bikes, we stopped along the highway and purchased those giant mangos we had made the trip for. On the way home, I lead Drifter to a part of town he had never been. We found a few local shops the were much better value than in the main area. Drifter was pleased with his purchase and we headed back home to sadly say our good byes. Hey Drifter!! Vietnam already misses you. 

water lilies

I am afraid that the busy season has cut my words a bit short. Tomorrow we deal with no power, so please stay tuned…… more to come. 

Recently I have been dropping by a Bia Hoi place close to the hotel. It is turning into a tradition that new hotel guests share a jug of cold draught beer in their first day here…. I do not mind at all.

Some of you may have noticed that the look of the blog has been changing almost daily. I ran into a bit of a problem that I think I amy have ironed out. Please be patient. I will get it all fixed up ASAP.

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  1. Bia Hoi was a treat, as was the 70 cent bill for the pitcher, yes I said 70 cents. And when you have such scenery it is really a bargain. My dreams “drift” back to Viet Nam……ahhhhh!

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