Another power shut down….. a strange day

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IS the content or the presentation of it more important? I mistakenly changed the appearance of my blog and I am not happy. It took a long time to decide on a theme and custom build it to my tastes….. Now with the single click of a button, I have undone all of that work. Will I have time to complete my daily blog???? I will try. 

 Sadly, some of my guests had to leave for other places today.  A nice Australian family, and a young couple headed towards Hanoi to work. I hope to see them again someday as they were very nice people. Another event of the day was some Snakeheads, or other gang showed up to take 2 rooms they had booked the night prior. I had popped out for a goodbye Bia Hoi with a very nice British couple, and while I was gone, one gang banger had gone to the room. He was followed a few minutes later by 6 others into the same room. Lich, my young night man, bravely followed them up and asked for the id of all of them. We had been warned about this kind, and the bullying that my poor guy must have undergone I cannot guess, but suffice it to say he somehow stood his ground. I was only a block away and he never called for help. I think he was trying to redeem himself for a very large blunder he made a day or two ago. Lich used me as

Beech at paradise

 the anchor and stood his ground saying that it was now a foreign run hotel and they had to conform to the rules, otherwise the police would be called by me. In the 30 minutes or so they were here, the room was trashed and Khuyen had a little unexpected work. I am proud of Lich that I was able to come back to a sane building, and the western customers will have a good sleep tonight.

 Another development……. The power company decided today was another good day to go without power. AHA!!!!  I have a generator!! I fired it up and lights, fans, my computer, and the beer fridge were up and running. Open for business!! The hotel next to me is bigger and many customers spent the day sitting in chairs or on motorcycles in front to escape the sticky humid rooms. We were fine but having a generator had a few consequences I could have never of thought of. Remember the nature of the hotels here and how they rent for the hour? Well….. I came up with the policy that if a person was

A rest stop on out trip

willing to pay a overnight room rate, they could stay for an hour and leave. Well….. I had power. The guys were willing to pay just to have the light to see and the fan to cool off. For a short time I became the hotel of the past. It all worked out as is took 15 liters of gas to keep the power on all day The rooms rented for the hours just barely paid for the gas to keep the place alive. We have a new fight going on with the power company…… see how it turns out in the future. 

I was going to write about how the police raid turned out and the Intense adventure that Drifter and I had in the boonies looking for a MIA but it seems I have ranted on as usual. I promise that I will pick up the story and update you as soon as I have figured out my Blog Site problems, so for now a few random things. 

For some reason there must be a squid run or something just off shore on the

Beach at Doc Let

 ocean. There is a number of Squidders with their Xenon lights shining bright. The water is mirror calm and the reflection from the boats almost light the street more than the city lights. I am so impressed by the sight and frustrated that my camera has not the ability to capture it, that I am now considering buying an SLR if only to share some special things with you. 

Drifter, Brad, and Ken if you see this…..It is a week before the holiday and the action next door is getting intense. You are missing some real fun!!  I truly wish you were here!!

For the rest of you that are not in the now. The hotel nest door still runs by the old practices and sometimes can get very busy with traffic. It has to be hell for the people who book a room and expect to get a good nights sleep, but it is great for those of us who just like to sit in the front and watch the wildlife that is Vietnam. 

Drying fish

If I get the site fixed…… MIA tomorrow…… If not, maybe more random rants…. Oh!! Here are a few random pics from our adventures in the last week or so…..

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  1. I really miss the chicken wings next door. I hope my “friends” at the bia hoi are doing well. I did hear from my little buddy Luan that I met at Gold Lizard when I was there, also from Lam…remember her the girl that “worked” in Malaysia?

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