Things to Do in NhaTrang part 2

A statue on the Promanade

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Long Thanh Photo Studio

Long Thanh is a local photographer with a permanent exhibition gallery open to the public. This is a popular visiting spot for people who appreciate life as seen through a lens. To date, Long Thanh has exhibited at more than 57 different photographic exhibitions around the world including Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. Long Thanh’s photographic repertoire is as wide-ranging as it is unique. His landscapes are often moody, contrasting the natural beauty of Vietnam with the continuing struggle in many people’s daily lives. Well worth checking out. 126 Hoang Van Thu St.

Boat Cruises

Nha Trang is flanked by 71 islands and the sea at most times of year is crystal clear so the plethora of boat trips daily heading out plus the easy availability of booking agents is self-explanatory. Trips are not expensive and are more often than not party cruises but with a fair amount of snorkeling and fishing fitted in between the drinking. Check whether lunch is included or not and compare deals before booking. If you are not an extremely

fisher folk

 early riser then charter a boat the day before. Most hotels can handle the booking but the place to book in person is the Cau Da Dock

Mud Baths

The mud baths at Thap Ba natural hot springs are a healthy and fun way to spend a few hours. The best time of day to go is between 12:00 and 15:00 when they are less crowded. You will be offered single or shared mud baths and obviously the single ones are more expensive yet the communal tubs are more fun. Shower off in mineral-rich water afterwards or let the mud dry on you first for additional benefits before showering.

Small bridge

Diving & SnorkelingNha Trang has over 20 dive shops, so this is a buyer’s market and divers looking for certification will find that the value for money here is superb, with PADI open water courses available with full equipment rental for as little as US$200. A two-dive boat trip with equipment rental and modest lunch can be had for as little as US$25.

Vinpearl Water Park and Aquarium

Vinpearl is a resort located on Hon Tre (Bamboo Island) some three kilometres south of the port. It is connected to the mainland by the longest cable car in the world (in itself a pretty impressive experience) that transports visitors some 40 metres above sea level to the resort, its water

Amusement on the beach

 park, games park and an aquarium, as well as a spa. Prices are reasonable and the water park closes at 18:00

Yang Bay waterfall, 48 km from Nha Trang, consists of three sets of falls — Yang Bay, Yang Khang, and Ho Cho. It’s a well-developed tourist spot and a regular stop for Vietnamese on group tours, but it’s still worth seeking out on your own. The main falls have been heavily modified, and some swimming areas have been artificially created, but the effect is fairly natural and quite beautiful. It’s a great spot for swimming

Raglai ethnic village
Part of what makes the trip worthwhile is that the last half courses through some really stunning countryside, and the last few kilometres before the falls passes by a Raglai ethnic village.

Finally a mall being built

Dien Khanh Citadel
This site is actually a stop on some tour itineraries. While it doesn’t really merit seeking out for it’s own sake, you’ll pass through it on the way to Yang Bay falls. After you turn off Route 1 on the way to the falls you’ll pass through two gates, about two stories high, which are all that remain of an 18th century citadel. They have guard towers above the archways, and a couple metres of old earthen ramparts — they’re so narrow traffic can only pass through in one direction at a time, controlled by traffic lights.

Bai Dai

 (which means ‘long beach’ and is pronounced ‘bye-yai‘). It’s 19 km from the outskirts of Nha Trang, to the south, along the relatively new road that cuts through the coastal mountains to the Cam Ranh Airport. The beach is a long, beautiful stretch of sand that extends for ten kilometres or more along an arc-shaped bay.

a random shot

Other activities include white water rafting, day fishing trips, Bicycle tours, and more that I am sure I am forgetting. Now, lets head over to the sleeper bus and head north.

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