A very short update.

Exciting things have happend the past few days. I was raided by the police, Went searching for a missing war vet, spent a little time in the jungle befriending country folk, and had to survive a power outage and no computer……. But I am back. I will finish the Why travel to Vietnam pages…… then some entertainment for thse that follow the soap opera that is my life 🙂 Damn!!! Life is an adventure.

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2 thoughts on “A very short update.

  1. I’m sure glad you’re having fun, Bag! I got some calls from worried people but I kinda figured you had it under control.
    And there you go, just another adventure, humph! Here, I got up, I went to work, I came home, I ate dinner, I went to bed………..etc. etc. Are you jealous?

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