Nha Trang, Vietnams main holiday destination.

The main beach

Yesterday was a new adventure. Drifter and I set out on a impromptu road trip and it was a good one. I will write abut it after the Why visit Vietnam series is done. 

We caught the open tour bus in front of the resort area in Mui Ne and now are headed to NhaTrang. We are eager to arrive but at one location, sit for almost 2 ½ hours while the driver and his helper have lunch and a nap. This practice may have changed, but in 2006 it happened a lot. We pass hillsides covered with colorful graves, and monuments to fallen heroes. We continue past beautiful vistas of rice fields, mountains, banana plantations, and Thanh long farms. At last houses start lining the roads. We are 11 km from NhaTrang. We


 enter from the west and at first glance it looks busy and congested much like Saigon. We pass the bus and train station and encounter a flower filled traffic circle that it the main street that runs from north to south through the length of the city. 2/4 street ( the date the North “liberated” NhaTrang) is where most businesses and commercial shops can be found. The bus travels a few blocks further and stops before its NhaTrang office. Waiting like in so many other places in Vietnam, is a small army of taxi’s ready to be hired. They will try to suggest places to stay and perhaps advise you how bad the place you have booked is to try to gain a commission from the hotel they deliver you to, but we don’t care. And we end up in some mini hotel 2 bocks off the beach and not a bad room for around 15 bucks. We are here……… now what is there to do. 


Some water fun

NhaTrang is probably the most visited destination for vacationers in Vietnam. During National holidays and summer months, all of the hotels can be full. That is a lot to say for a small city that has over 350 hotels (so I was told). Some of the following was borrowed from another site and I have added my words to it. 

The city of Nha Trang is becoming more popular with the tourists in recent years. Yet, with a population of 300,000, Nha Trang still retains its small town atmosphere. This resort town is well known for its miles of beach and the friendliness of its people. The city is flanked by nearly ten kilometers of prime beach where the water is warm year round. The average temperature in Nha Trang is 26 C. Nha Trang also has the lowest level of humidity in all of Vietnam. Today, Nha Trang ranks among the top of all beaches in Vietnam.

A shot of Tran Phu

 Nha Trang is 1,287 km south of Hanoi, 624 km south of Hue and 442 km from Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon). Nha Trang has several famous islands. Most notable are Hon Tre, Hon Yen, Hon Rua and the Spratly islands. Upon arriving to Nha Trang, most tourists will pass through downtown. Beyond the rows of businesses and homes will be Nha Trang beach. Tran Phu Boulevard is Nha Trang most famous thoroughfare. It runs the length of the beach with several major hotels located within a few steps from the beach. The road continues over a large bridge crossing the Cai river. Tran Phu becomes Pham Van Dong street and curves around Hong Chon rock to another smaller beach with warmer and quieter waters. On any given day, between 5:00 am to 8:00 am Nha Trang beach is filled with local people taking in the fresh sea

Nhr Trang Cathedral

breeze, socializing, playing soccer, badminton or practicing Tai chi. Most people in Nha Trang fear being darken by the sun. For this reason, the window between 5-8 am (where sunlight is less intense) is peaked with activities. Another reason is that many go to the ocean for a morning swim, and to exercise. In Nha Trang, going to the beach can be a family affair. One often see generations of families going to the beach together, and romance is everywhere. Young couples gaze out to see holding hands and giving each other doey eyed looks. 

There is so much to see and to do that it could take weeks to get it all in. In my nest blog, I will write and borrow some more hard work by others and give a brief overview of what is available here.

Another sot of Tran Phu

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13 thoughts on “Nha Trang, Vietnams main holiday destination.

  1. Hi, my girlfriend and I are going to Vietnam in the next couple of months, first week of the hols are intended for sightseeing and the second spent on a beautiful, but not too busy beach and without being too remote from civilisation. We are interested in finding out what are the “must see” spots, Halong bay is often spoken about so has been added to the list. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Nick,
      Most people consider Hoi An/Hue must see spots as well as SAPA. They are worth a visit but very touristy as is Halong Bay. For me the must see is the Central highlands as besides the beautiful scenery, you experience authentic people and customs. Nha Trang has everything a person might want and has 2 areas. There is the busy tourist area and beaches, or North of the river to a quieter and less crowded beach that is calmer and clearer. It all depends on your budget and time. I will be happy to help with an itinerary if you wish. Please email me

  2. I am an elderly amateur photographer. I am thinking of visiting Vietnam for about 2 weeks at the end of November where I will be celebrating my 70th birthday

    Could you recommend a good hotel 4 star that spoil their guests and areas in Vietnam that have opportunities for good photography?


    1. That is difficult to answer as I usually stay in places that are a bit less quality. In November I think that the Central highlands or perhaps SAPA and Halong Bay is what you want for Photography. In the highlands you would need a driver but in Sapa and Halong there is a lot of ways to get around. I suggest using Agoda to look for decent hotels. It will be rainy season in most of the central coastal areas. Take a look at http://owee58.com/2011/07/20/vietnam-weather-rainfall-temperature-charts/

  3. Hello, We will be in Nha Tran for one day on a cruise April 5 and want to know if you could refer us to a private guide for the day. We are a group of 5, thank you. Sandy

  4. Hi,
    I am trying to find who does the white water rafting in Nha Trang and the costs. I am finding it a little difficult to find a website, just lots of mentions of it? Can you help please?

  5. Fantastic site and very informative, well done!!
    Been at samui numerous times staying in mid range beach bungalows. Want to try nha trang this year and looking for a bit of advice. We are a few 45 year olds.
    1. Is weather in May or June much different? The hotter and less clouds the better.
    2. Decent accomodation not at a small fortune close to beach and the lively part of town, any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Weather in Nha Trang is excellent in those months. The later, the hotter. All if the hotels in the backpack area are close to the beach. but the best swimming beach is kilometers away. Take a look at the Carpe Dm

  6. Hi Owen,

    Firs time traveler to Vietnam and have loved reading your blog as well as comments on TA. Very informative and extremely helpful.
    I will be traveling in Vietnam with my Vietnamese national GF (I am Australian) and am aware of the policy of requiring 2 rooms. One hotel in Nha Trang (and another in Saigon) I have contacted have been very helpful in accommodating us in a single room and was hoping you might be able to email me some hotel recommendations in Dalat that may well do likewise.

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