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Check point into town

The construction next door is coming to an end, but like the finale in William Tells Overture, it is coming to a crashing end. Starting at 7:30 the chisels, hammers, and impact drills start working, running on and off almost in sync until 11:30. A brief intermission, and them comes the climax as they are trying to finish before 5 pm when we have made the deal that everything be quiet for our guests. To their credit, they have been pretty good. They understand and have witnessed the loss of customers that wanted a hotel to have an afternoon nap in. We have been told that the noise is almost done and the painting will come soon. Hmmmmm… how about the ceramic work? I have not hear the screaming of tile saws yet. Oh well, If you are planning to stay with me, do not worry. Go out and have fun during the day, and all will be quiet when you return at the supper hour.

Yesterday, a bit sleep deprived, I headed out for a drive to take a few

Another Pill box

 photo’s. Maybe something unique in a different part of Nha Trang. I now realize that I cannot get too lost as long as I know the direction of the ocean, so off I went into the unknown. The drive took me to a northern road that used to be one of the only two entrances into the City. On both sides of the road is strategic locations, remain pill boxes almost as in good a condition as new. Maybe some of my readers will remember, or have manned them. Anyway…. On both sides of the road after the checkpoints are military barracks and academies looking seemingly deserted, but because of the time of day, they are probably all napping. Right next to the Barracks are the budget guest houses of ill-repute I have written about in the past. A sharp left down a narrow road, and I am entering th outskirts and countryside near Nha Trang. The drive takes me past small houses with small plots of land. Many of them have a rice field or vegetable garden that is probably the

A garden

lifeblood of the family. I am stared at by curious onlookers and called to by the women and children 

I am enjoying the peaceful drive out of the corner of my eye, I see a splash of color that does not fit into the scenery. I spun around and headed up the small alleyway that caught my attention. To my surprise, it ended in some kind of theme park that is under development. What?? In the middle of nowhere? Yep…. You bet. There was a security guard and I asked him when it would be finished…. In 2012 he replied. He told me it was OK if I took a look around, so I did. I am not sure what the end result will be, but at the base of a mountain is a small park. Then a series of steps and odd fairytale like

The front gate

 structures cover the side of the mountain up to platforms that I assume will become look outs when the jungle is cleared. In my exploring, I blundered into a spider’s web reminiscent of a 1950’s horror flick. EEEeeeeKKK!! I was able to elide the spider. This park is truly nowhere near any main roads of populated areas, so I do not know what the plan is. I guess you heard it here first folks…. Nha Trang is getting another attraction hidden away in the boonies…… maybe another mud bath kind of spot??? 

The mountainside of the park

Back on the bike, I headed off in a direction I thought would be south and after a while of maneuvering the small streets, came to the river. In front of me was a very frail looking bridge that almost looked like it should not be standing. I watched for a while at the motorcycled crossing. The boards would hop up inches from the logs they were bound to by ropes, but seemed solid enough. Off I went. It was a bit uncomfortable hearing the clackety clack of the

A creaky bridge

 jumping boards as I passed passing motorists coming from the other direction was a bit nerve racking but everything was OK. I was now at the far end where there were two men waiting to collect the ten cent toll for the bridge. I paid and continued on my way. I stopped and took a few pictures of some of the sights along the way and then passed under some kind of low hung warning bar (maybe to prevent trucks?) to end up in near an elementary school that was on a break. Well!! A westerner driving into the thick of curious kids, all of them wanting to practice their limited English…. Whew!! It seemed like I barely made it out of there with my sanity intact. To many of

A quiet drill yard

them, I was the first westerner they had ever seen.

Another 10 minutes or so and I finally arrived at the end of the road. To my surprise, I had arrived at the main bus terminal. I think I will head off on another of these drives today. It is a good way to really experience Vietnam. Oh……. And now If you need a very unique drive to my place from the bus terminal????????

the toll station

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