Part2…. What happens to the little fishes

Photo’s today are a samples from the predators’ fcbk sight.

 This game the young girls play of collecting as many friends as possible allows the circling sharks to get a scent of their prey. They start sending virtual gifts, and sharing music. They try to get their confidence. I do not need to be able to read Vietnamese to see it happening. Fcbk is easy to follow and see what people are doing. I have followed some of these guys backward from my nieces page and found a large number of men in their 30’s or 40’s who have thousands of friends on their fcbk, and most of them young female teenagers, my niece being among them. Remember, that most people here are poor and the prospect somebody spending money on them, or better yet, giving some money is very tempting. That, plus the innocent and romantic naivety will get the girls to foolishly agree to meet for a coffee, ice-cream, or a drink like an adult. They are then caught!! 

Nha Trang is a party and leisure city, most of the Vietnamese people who have some money come here for their vacations. But as in most cities, there is a dark side that a tourist will never see. I am somewhat unique, I am buried deep in this society and see things as the really are. Anyway…. There I go droning on…..  Remember how cheap it is to Travel? A sleeper bus costs 7 USD to get here From Saigon, and a little more from Hanoi. A lot come here with their families for a legit vacation, however, the predators also show up, armed with their laptops and some extra cash.  Crawling from under the rocks, they come in search of the littlest fishes. Many of the sharks are jobs that are appointed to them by Leeches at the top of the food chain. 

Now let me remind you how most hotels operate here. If you have been following my blogs, you will recall that when I took over this hotel, it was used heavily and most of the customers booked the rooms hourly. I thought it OK for young couples to have a place to go. I even thought if a person wants to have a bit of afternoon delight with another, no big deal. But this countrywide practice, along with the acceptance of the hotel industry to look the other way has created a situation that may be why fcbk is being blocked. So now let’s put it all together…… 

In a country where it is very cheap and easy to move around, an overnight or weekend trip is easy to do. The monster goes fishing on fcbk and tries to get some nibbles out of a large group of fish. If the fish nibbles, the shark moves into the waters and starts to hunt. Aha!! A bite!! The shark moves in and herds the fish or fishes to a fun area where something is spiked turning the fish into a woozy little floozy. The predator then brings his catch to the premises he chose where all around “mums the word”.  A feeding frenzy then takes place and in the morning The little fish is sent on it’s way and the shark swims out to fresher waters for the next prize.

If indeed the site is being blocked by the powers that be for this reason, I can understand. I have heard in the past that the two sides were in deep negotiation about something, and it may have been this very subject. It would be impossible to shut down the short term industry here. It is part of the culture and is overlooked by authorities. Also, the womanizing going on here is also part of the norm. Remember, it is common for men to have more than one wife. It is accepted by the women also. If it gives the woman a better and more stable life, why not? I imagine the first wife is not too happy about it when It happens, but what can she do? Unless she has the financial means to look after herself and family, she is stuck where she is. Sooooo with this in mind, I guess the only alternative is to get the medium that is used for the dire practice to police itself and expel the Bad guys. The problem may be that the powers here are trying to save their kids by getting the company to regulate something that is dear to other countries…. Free speech laws. How can this be dealt with?? I guess by finding a way to stop the people from using the service…..

Darn no journalists banging at my door ( tounge placed firmly in cheek)

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7 thoughts on “Part2…. What happens to the little fishes

  1. I’d say leave the photos. It brings home to people how very young these girls are. Yes, it has a degree of shock value, but that in itself is educational. The fact that it makes someone uncomfortable is good – it SHOULD make people damn uncomfortable!!!! Hopefully enough to try to do something about it! And to think about where and how people get this sick, how the internet contributes not only to their behavior but to them thinking it’s OK, how to stop them, and to how to help little boys as well as little girls protect themselves from these adults.

  2. No, not really necessary but is does stress the point. If it helps, the pictures not of victims, just young girls that one person had out of his 1300 young “Friends” If others find it uncomforatable, I will remove them…….
    Anyone else??

  3. That stoy needs to be told and thankyou for telling it. I find it shocking that hotels let this happen, its about the $’s i guess. The pictures of the young girls made me feel uncomfortable, like i was a part of something nasty. I know you are trying to get your point across but are the pictures necessary ??

  4. Hey Bag, you should remember that these little fish are taught, by their mothers and sisters and grandmothers, to do anything they can to make themselves attractive to men. The old way is to find someone who will look after you financially and all they have to do is be available to them. Some women there are becoming more independent and don’t succumb to those ways. One solution will be to teach these girls (women) to be self sufficient and independent. the cycle needs to be broken. Unfortunately, the transition period can be a long and arduous time. Look how long it’s been here, and I don’t think we’re even close to the end.

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