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Well…… See????? It only takes a comments and suggestions to get me back on board. Thank you to those who commented and sent me personal emails. You have added fuel to the stalling engine and now we are off again!!

Today I am feeling a bit humble. After receiving kind words from you, I decided to check my statistics to see if my lax writing in the past week or so has caused a drop in readership. Well…… to my amazement my readership has increased by 50 %  Wow!! I imagine it is in part because I am now giving advice on Trip Advisor to people who are interested in travelling here. It is the 23rd Of March and……… Oh My God!!!!! It is the 23rd of March!!  I forgot my birthday again……  So did my wife… He He He…. I guess no problem if I forget an anniversary or two. Anyway….. and I have already reached the average I get most months for people who hit my page via web search. I will try my best to keep the daily blog going.

And most delicious

Something happening here that I am not sure how to deal with. A customer that has a room booked for 3 days had a very young guest show up at 10pm… Says id at home…. Yea right!! Only 15 minutes later, another friend of his shows up with another young gal. My guest rents one of my bikes and heads out at 11 pm. The friend says he is going to check in when he returns later. This is the very thing I want to put a stop to, but the hotel has been very slow and I need the rooms booked. I have instructed my night guy that all people must return with Id or no rooms, Ok…. Now here is the problem as I see it. Unless a couple are married, they cannot share a room according to the law, however, there is a normal practice here that young people can rent rooms for a short time that the police will overlook. They normally however, do not stay the night. As long as I have all of the Id’s am I covered? I think as long as I have extra rooms, I can book all of them in and just cancel the extra rooms in the morning. I have no problem with people wanting to play some games, but this is something I will have to make some hard decisions on. The

You will love it here if you like seafood

 customer who is involved has a history here and stays every couple of months. He also is happy with the renovations we have done and has no problem paying a higher price for the rooms. I also have a couple of professional business people from China staying here. What will they thing if giggling girls are waking them late at night?

It is now ½ an hour later and I am hoping the problem is resolved. Upon their return, I told them that as a foreigner running a hotel, I had to have all Id’s period. No excuses. If the police check up on us, the result could be disastrous. He seemed OK with my refusal to let the girls stay without Id and now has me to thinking. Maybe the reason I did not get Id’s from the girls is that they are underage. Damn I hope not!! I do not mind a bit of hanky panky as long as it is with an adult, not a child. The problem is that 30 year old

allways fresh

women over here can look 14 to me.

The guest took a copy of his Id and headed out with his friend and the girls. Probably to rent a short term place. I feel sorry for Lich, he has to go to school tomorrow, but will be awakened by a banging at the door sometime tonight I think. Well…… that is hat he is being paid for.

Well…. Here I have been droning on about me and neglected a topic for today….. I am running out of my self imposed word rule

mm mm good

 sooooooo… I guess I will leave it at that. I want to thank all of you for the support you give me by actually showing an interest in what I have to say. I truly am honored that you give up a small piece of your day to read my rants. I also hope that someday, you can come for a visit and experience the flavor of Vietnam.

To my co-workers. Ray has suggested that “ Gratefullness – I (Owen) am so grateful for where I am. All my co-workers are back home reading my blog and envious of where I am!  Not just for the weather but for all the hands-on free education Owen is receiving daily. An opportunity of a life time that very few get to enjoy.  In addition to your beautiful wife and family who has expanded your experiences beyond belief.”

Looks good huh?

Ooohhhhhh!!!! I have to respond to that one. Also…. Anonymousness ideas also

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