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Alas!!…. I am off on another road trip to Saigon tonight. Normally I would fly but for some unknown reason, there are nothing but business class tickets available. Even the rate is affordable by our standards, it all adds up, sooooooo. I am off on a sleeper bus again. I am trying a different company that has a reputation of having larger and more comfortable beds. I will give it a try, but I think all I need is one of my little blue pills and it will be a short trip. This trip is to try to accomplish a few things. Firstly I go to retrieve my wallet. My friend Hau negotiated its return and I am very thankful for it. It cost me around 25 dollars, but replacing the id’s would have probably come out to much more than that. I am looking forward to seeing Hau and Nghia. They are nice guys and have been very supportive and helpful to me. This time it is my turn to buy…. Every time I see them, they are always being the gracious hosts. This time it is going to be on me…….. I hope. Befriending Vietnamese can be very tiring when it comes to you wanting to do something for them….. They just wear you down until you give in, and it is not fair!! We probably can afford to pay for an evening out much easier than them, but their genuine kindness and hospitality can get to the point where a person can become frustrated at the attempt of trying to pay. For example. At the end of the tour I had booked with them last year, the group decided to give them a good tip. We said our goodbyes and I slipped them the envelope with the cash as we were leaving. I think it was about 100 dollars or so for

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 the three weeks that they looked after my friends. All of the people who travelled with me thought that they were worth every penny and more. As we departed to get ready to fly out, Hau and Nghia chased us down. They had opened the envelope and seeing what was in there, decided to use it as a last farewell to us instead of using it for themselves. Only 8 hours before our flight left, they took us to a fantastic restaurant with excellent food and beautiful waitresses in miniskirts. Even the women with us enjoyed the eye candy. We had just finished lunch but the food was so good that everybody ate. The meal lasted around 3 hours and involved many Heinekens. I am sure that the entire tip was spent on our goodbye. If anybody reading this blog is interested in a good tour company to travel in Vietnam. Contact my friends at Hau Nguyen (Mr.) Sales Department.

 —————————————- V’EXPLORE TRAVEL, VIETNAM 07th Floor, 163 Hai Ba Trung St., Dist. 03, HCM City Tel: (84-8) 3824 3952 Fax: (84-8) 3822 2653 Cellphone: (84-9)13746654 Email: Website: Skype: nguyenthaihau1

 Just tell him I referred you and I guarantee a great trip.

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Last night I took my now fired night reception for a beer. I thought we could have some fun in the tourist area. Surprise surprise…. It was like a ghost town. My friends restaurant was empty. Another friends bar also. It is as if all the tourists have disappeared overnight. That would probably explain why business is slow for us also at the moment. Too bad for the tourist. This has to be the best weather that I have ever experienced in Vietnam. I have been told that next month it will become busy. It is also going to get warmer. I am fortunate that there is a nice ocean breeze blowing my way all the time. I will report later on how hot it gets in the main tourist area where the ocean breeze is obstructed. Now I sit in the cafe I used to use to blog from. The people doing the construction next door have damaged the internet connection..

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