A boat and a basket

My family headed to their hired boat in a basket

It is 7:00 Am and I am looking at tranquil waters out my front door. Anchored just 50 feet offshore is the boat that my nephews chartered to go fishing. The photo inserted is them in a litle basket boat making their wat to the vessle. Darn!! I wish I was not going to Saigon. I think they are going to have a very good time, however, from the amount of beer they took with them, they will be useless upon their return. The boat is now making its way to sea………….  Oh well… Talk to you soon

I am now sitting in the NhaTrang airport. I should mention that it has changed a lot. Only

NhaTrang airport

 one year ago, the terminal was a small yellow building with old cobweb covered fans and aggressive taxi drivers fighting for passengers. Inserted is a picture of the lobby for those that have been to NhaTrang before….. What a large improvement.

Now I am sitting with Brad in a restaunt having lunch in the Saigon airport.  Brad is having spagetti covered in meat sauce and olive oil, and I am eating my first ostrich steak and MAN!! is it good. ….. The adventure continues

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  1. The part I remember is that if you were at the upstairs gate, when you went out the door to the plane, you had to go back downstairs on a stairwell outside. And then they’d put you on one of those big buses that you’d stand in to go the 50 or 60 feet to the plane. Looks nice now though.

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