In a hurry as usual

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Sorry, I do not have time to blog today, however, if I get business done early, I will try to write something.

Last night I was saying goodbye to a friend when I suddenly realized, OMG!!!! My visa exemption expires today, and I am leaving for Saigon tomorrow!!   I am off and running. Talk to you soon

It is now evening and I finally have a  minute or two. It was a hectic day. I was unable to renew my visa exemption today. What stupidity that is. I no

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 longer require a visa to travel to Vietnam, But I have a condition that I have to re-enter the country every 3 months. Since I am leaving for Saigon in the morning, I cannot turn over my passport to have time added on, therefore, I will be fined when I submit it a few days. I don’t care…. How much can it be? I will let you know. Today for a brief moment I thought we were going to have a bit of good luck. A monk checked in to a balcony room……. and then the normally quiet construction next door got loud. A team of workers with hammers started pounding on the walls of the building next door. Within 5 minutes the monk apologised and left to find a quieter hotel without returning the room key. It is always something.

Beautiful country

I a a bit jealous. Tomorrow morning some of my guests are off for a big adventure with my nephews to go fishing. They have hired a boat and will be out for the day before returning for a seaside giant prawn feast. And me?? I will be sitting in Saigon sweating to hot temperatures. The reason I was going was to bring a new employee back to Nha Trang with us. Since then, she has decided to visit her family in Hanoi first and then come… Darn!! Too late to cancel the ticket, so I might as well use the opportunity to sell the Hotel.  Maybe there will be a blog tomorrow…….. maybe not….. Goodnight

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  1. Don’t forget entrepreneur Kevin, Owen was an entrepreneur long before he was a bus driver. I’m sure he’s learning things that, if he knew them when he was running business’ here, he’d be a multi-millionaire today. Right Owen?

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