A while back I discovered that the previous owner of the hotel was hiding any profits and the actual money made from the rooms, so the records are five years behind. That became a bit of a problem for me as there are government regulations as to how much a hotel can raise its rates. After extensive renovations that turned our little place into a habitable location, I found out that I could only charge a maximum of around 12.00. During the holidays, other hotels with much cruder accommodations were going for 40 to 60 dollars a night. At 12.00 you better believe that I had a waiting list. Even now that other hotels are starting to empty, I am still booked solid. Because of the tax evasion, we are being monitored, and I cannot apply for the rate increases until next week. I think I will stay a 12.00 hotel for now though. Making enough to pay my staff and expenses is all I need for now. It looks like I may have an opening starting in a couple of days, so come on down!!

Tomorrow the stores open again and I can finally arrange for my own internet connection. So far, I have been piggybacking on another’s line. It is easy to do here. There are unsecured wifi everywhere. If you bring a laptop to Vietnam, you will have no trouble staying in touch with the world. You might however, need a guy like me to defeat the blocking of face book. I think I might try making a few bucks by offering the service in the tourist area.

A bit of bad business happened today. I referred three guests to a tour company here in Nha Trang. I have referred others in the past, and I know I could ask for a commission, however, I am not worried about it at this point. When the customers booked the tour, they were told my hotel was too far away for a pick up service (4km) and it would be better for them if they found another hotel close to their office. So they returned and checked out late to relocate. What!!!!! A company I am helping to promote is causing me to lose customers???? I jumped on my bike and headed straight over. I confronted one of the owners, and she called the morning person to confirm this had happened. She was very apologetic and promised it would never happen again. Huh!! I imagine not. It is the very same company that is hoping I can solve all of their computer woes. One more stunt like this and they can go back to relying on the local Vietnamese techs…

I heard a story and I do not know if it is true or not but…… I have noticed from time to time that there are some very attractive women sweeping the streets and collecting garbage at night. I always wondered why that is and this is what I was told. A night garbage collector is not an uncommon sentence from a judge caught having sex with a foreigner. Huh!! Read into that what you will.

Yesterday morning I was startled by a surprising event. There was some kind of insect hatch and clouds of butterflies were dancing their way across the main road. What a sight!! I did not have a camera with me but I will tell you it was beautiful. The right hand side of the road was lined with Mai flower trees. The Mai flowers a brilliant yellow, but also the butterflies were all yellow and for some reason crossing towards the ocean on the left. Amazingly, I did not collide with a single one of them. They were either light bodied enough to be blown away as I passed, or were agile enough to fly the oncoming roaring Sissy.

Well…… looks like another road trip coming up. I find myself flying to Saigon yet again to conduct some business. This time I am not going to book a hotel and see what happens. The last time I was there generated some long term guests. I am a bit tired and would like to get things running smoothly here but, oh well….. I hope next time I go somewhere I can take my wife with me. She deserves a break.

Some photo’s courtesy of Andy

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  1. still enjoying reading about your life every day owee…I couldn’t open that link to your hotel so I have no idea of the name or anything and I’d like to recommend you to some friends coming over- so, can you please put the name on your blog please


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