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A person has to wonder if there is some grand giant joke that is our life, and who is laughing at our expense. Everything was checked, double checked and I made sure that all the rooms were tip top before the holidays. Everything was OK. I am happy to say that I am booked to 100% capacity. A good thing right? Well it should be. First I am dealing with a confusing and archaic way of doing paperwork to book the guests in…. No I say and demonstrate how I can check in customers in 30 seconds instead of the 10 minutes they have set up. Sheesh!! I have to be patient…. It is new to them. Then when everything id good and all the rooms are booked, time for me to go home for the first night in a week. But wait!!!! Now an air conditioner is not working. The very same air conditioner that I have been using all week!! I try to fix but sure enough, nothing. OK….. no problem, they have a wall fan to cool them down. Damn… the thing is broken and will not cool them. Luckily I had am extra fan I had purchased for a spare room that was able to do the job. I will wake up to work that needs to be done tomorrow for the first time in 15 years. Funny….. I had quit the business world and spent the last 15 years in a job where there was never anything left at the end of the day to do. Every night I could go home and not worry about what was waiting for me the next. Well…… I am back into the real world. There is work waiting for me tomorrow. It will all work out OK though because everyday is an adventure and That is the plan….. Enjoy life and see where it goes. At least on the way to work tomorrow I will have the pleasure of seeing tropical beaches with crystal waters and blowing palm trees. It always helps to start the day well.

Let’s talk a bit about street food. I will get more into the specific kinds another time, but for now I wish to address it in a general manner. I have very few photos at the moment, but will add more as time goes on.

There is an incredibly large variety of road side kiosks and small temporary grills, woks, and pots that have almost any treat or delicacy that a person could desire. Last night I was walking along a street corner that I have been dozens of times, but at that time, a lobster BBQ just happened to be. It looked great!! I asked the price for a giant lobster and was told 150000 a kilo. That is 8 bucks folks. Not bad for a big lobster feast. They had other entrees of course, but lobster was the draw. The reason is that the locals cannot eat lobster much. Most of the catch is reserved by the government for export. I am pretty sure that these lobsters were a black market deal, caught by local fisherman, and sold here because the police are on holidays also. Just down the road is a Banh Me stand.. a great submarine sandwich!! Even at home, try a Vietnamese sub. You will not be disappointed. Other street foods that are excellent are deep fried yams, and bananas. OMG!! The bananas are good. Vietnamese doughnuts, grilled corn, deep fried Dim Sum, soups of a staggering variety, sweets, fruit treats, grilled items, and other savory things can be found everywhere and at any time of the day. I never tire of the great taste the street food offers.

I have been coming here for 12 years and have never once fallen ill from the street food. I have had friends that have told me they are reacting, but for the most part, it was phantom symptoms and psychological issues. The only thing about street food that may make you is the raw vegetables or the ice in your drink.. Enjoy!! The street food is great and plentiful. Do not be scared of it or the look and atmosphere. You will probably go away with a great dining experience and a tale to tell.

I am sorry, it is now getting so busy that I am forced to cut short my Blog today. It may be that I also have no time tomorrow, so do not be surprised if I do not blog tomorrow, but I will try

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