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Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I was stuck in the hotel with no employees. I am still doing some finishing touches such as hanging shower curtains and checking that everything is up to a clean standard. Following is a little walk around I did. I plan to change more things in the rooms, but will wait until I can turn a profit. You can download and view the Hotel here.

Everything was shut down during the day, but then a curious thing happened. The streets came alive with street vendors that I had never seen before, and most of them involved drinking. Let me tell you about Bia Hoi, translated as fresh beer. Bia hoi is available throughout  much of Vietnam, and can be found in small bars and on street corners. The beer is brewed daily and each bar gets a fresh batch delivered every day in plastic jugs or large barrels. It is a lager that is about 3 percent alcohol. It costs very little so it is very popular with the locals. It also has a clean crisp taste that leaves no aftertaste.. Bia hoi production is not monitored by any health agency, therefore the government has tried putting a stop to the sidewalk vendors selling it everywhere. In Saigon it is getting harder to find, but here in NhaTrang, and all the way to Hanoi, a person can find it readily. Last night one of these Bia hoi stands set up across the street from the hotel. I guess the police are not working also, so people are trying to make an extra buck. They served the beer with grilled dried squid. Not a pleasant smell.

The traffic picked up around 6 pm and the party was back on. I am getting tired just watching all the activity. I headed out for a drive, then returned to pick up Mai and visit some friends. Beautiful friends at that!!!  I’m the man, I’m the man…….. 🙂

I am trying to imbed this video of medriving. If you cannot see it, you can watch by clicking on the high lighted words.

Just read this quote and found it funny. I will share with you

Q: Someone has told me that menopause is mentioned in the bible… Is that true? Where can it be found ? A: Yes. Matthew 14:92: “And Mary rode Joseph’s ass all the way to Egypt .”

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  1. Bah can’t edit the last comment. I know you have your URL just under your blog name but it isn’t a live link and something with a photo would attract more attention – the place I naturally looked for it was over on the right side of the blog but that’s not where it’s at….

  2. Love your video! I need to be booked. What’s your rates like? Maybe I can work at the desk? Serving beer? Drive the employees home?

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