Walk into the light

Oh My God!! The Vietnamese have discovered LED’s. It is a good thing. The people here are forever trying to save money on their power bills by installing very energy efficient bulbs or even just living with very low lighting. LED’s have started an amazing transformation where they can decorate things with light at a low cost, and now they have. I was in an electrical store marveling at the rolls of led wire being sold to people. I did not know such a thing existed, but let me tell you about the display they are creating. Lunar New Year is coming up shortly. For the Asians this is a big thing. Years ago it was displayed by flags being flown from every household and chains of firecrackers adding to the constant noise all around. Now the firecrackers are no longer allowed, and light displays and special events, many of them singing are all the rage. Now the city is being lit up by a cascade of light shows, all lit by LED’s. It is only day one of the celebrations, so who knows what other light shows will show up soon. I have the camera…. I will take photo’s.

All these lights and the coming of New Year has turned this city into a party. A person cannot travel anywhere after dark without coping with heavy traffic. Also, all the young men and women are dressed for the occasion……  Damn my eyes hurt!!! I truly wish that all of you could be here to experience this…. It is a slow climax building to some kind of finale in the next two weeks. It is not as before…. I do not know how it will end…. Just another part of the adventure.

One final thought…. Do you pee in the shower?….Admit it… I know…. I have heard that many do.. me?? I can proudly admit that yes in fact I do…. Ha!! My urinal is right below my shower head…. Ahhhh luxury…. Bwa Ha Ha

Witnessing beautiful light shows, driving in warm tropical breezes, seeing beautiful young people around me, and peeing in the shower……. How can it be better?  Now I am off to Saigon for a bit of business and pleasure. It should prove interesting as I had totally forgot about new year when I made arrangements.

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3 thoughts on “Walk into the light

  1. LMAO…I lived in Bali for 6 years, & same same…the lighting was atrocious!
    I had to buy hobby glasses (magnifying) just to be able to read at night…

    Now my friends tell me that it is all LED lighting in the tourist spots, & you almost need to wear sunglasses at night because of the brightness…LOL

  2. Hey Owen, I’ve spent most of this day catching up on your blog….great work! I sure have enjoyed the stories and pics. I’m still waiting to find out why the women walk with the 2 sticks… I’m getting more and more excited to come visit..even Kent is willing, but he’s not a fishy guy..but Beer is the name of his choice. How do overweight women fare there?

    Don’t know if Mai remembers us but I remember her and her amazing spring rolls! Say hi and consider yourself hugged! I’ll be baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Terry

    1. Great to hear from you. Hope you don’t mind…. I edited out the personal stuff that was fo my eyes and not the worlds…. Tomorrw I will addin the blog a bit about how Vietnam deals with large people… Thanks for the topic. And yea…… C’mon over…the water is warm and the beer very cold!! IF you come in Feb next year, you can join our 3 country excursion

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