Fishy business

There are issues to be ironed out in the next few weeks. I have no experience to run a hotel, but do have a lot of experience at doing business. I have mentioned before that I will not be pushed. Now there is a lot of pressure coming my way. I will let them get so far before I will push back. It is getting close to that time.

There is a large tourist area in NhaTrang, but I am the first to start to develop the northern beach into another tourist area. There are those in the main area that are really excited for me and hope they can ride on my wave and move into the same area, after all, it still has its authentic Vietnamese charm. The trouble is that over here people still think the same way as in the past where everything must be hidden and all dealings must be treated with suspicion. Granted, there are still some shady dealings going on here, but it is becoming less and less. The cautiousness of these well meaning people has got them to the point where they want me to be an invisible boss. To act like a customer in my own establishment is not my idea of running a business. They are scared. They think that a foreigner as a figure head will be trouble. That will not happen. I will continue o as I have and hope for the best. I will show them that everything will be OK… or go down in flames trying to. Hopefully in the next day or two, we will start to get some walk in customers for coffee and drinks. I know it will take a little while for things to start. 

Today, hopefully I will have time to take some photos. I had planned to yesterday, but things as usual got busy and confusing. Much of my day is dedicated to learning about web design, and professional looking publications in order to attract good customers. My blog time has been reduced to as little as 1 hour.

 A funny thing just happened. A stampede of ladies ran into our lobby with tubs of seafood. The hid them and then went running down the street. As it turns out, the sales of the seafood on the street side is illegal. Probably because there is no tax collected. When they see police approach, they scatter and hide their goods. When the police are gone, the recover their tubs and set up again. I had Mai have a talk with these girls because we do not need the police running into our lobby discovering hidden contraband.

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