Spinning wheels

Poor Li'l Sissy

Yesterday was a bit of a hectic day I had a lot of running around to do to get everything ready. Off to the electrical store to purchase power cords, picking up supplies for coffee, getting the beer fridge stocked and the like. I was on my last errand of the day picking up paper and office supplies when poor li’l sissy had enough of hauling around too much weight. A wheel bearing seized and spun off leaving me stranded with no rear wheel. I was able to get the wheel in a position where I was able to push Sissy down the road to a shop near the hotel. Luckily I lost it only one block away. The mechanic spent about 30 minutes repairing the bike while I waited. The mechanic seeing the bearing assembly fall out, ordered his apprentice to go and pick up a bearing assembly. While the boy was gone I saw that the

A street vendor

 brakes were a bit worn and asked that he do the brakes. The boy returned with the bearing and said a few select words when he was sent for my rear brakes. After a little thought, I decided to also do my front brakes. The boy returned with the rear brakes and openly was cussing when he was sent to pick up my front brakes. The mechanic was hiding a small grin, but I could not help from laughing about it. The whole process took half an hour and the total cost was 95000 Dong or 5 bucks.

I did not eat supper yesterday so on the way home at 10 pm I stopped at a roadside cart for a snack. Amazing!!! it was dim-sum entrees but fried in oil instead of steamed. Wow!! was it good.

Hotel lobby not quite finished

There are two schools of thought coming my way right now. One fears that the government will try to penalize me for offering drinks and coffee in the lobby. I have been told that if I do this I will be fined and have no end of trouble. This is the old Vietnam way of thinking. To find out more, I engaged the hotel manager of my friend’s hotel in conversation. He laughed and told me that I should have no such worry. Just be friendly and tell the

Another lobby picture

 inspector that it is all part of customer service, and it should just pass. He has been working in hotels for 17 years and has never experienced the things that I have been told about………….  It seems a new adventure begins….

A short post today as I am off and running to do more errands….. HEY!!  I was supposed to be retired. Well at least I am having fun now….. Life is good.

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