A busy few days


Last night we headed out to the Texas bar and grill for a few drinks. I thought it was a few, but my head tells me different. Yesterday I went with my nephew to pick up a new mattress for our bed. The store he took me to was very small and had a very limited selection. Vietnamese people can sleep anywhere and I do not think they take comfort in mind when selecting something to sleep on. I chose a mattress very similar to what I had already but was told no, it was bad quality and was sort of forced to buy a higher quality one. We got it home and it was too small for my bed. There is a no return policy in Vietnam, so it took a little effort and an extra 100,000 to get a larger mattress to replace it. Success!! We got it home and set it up. At night I went to bed to discover that it is as hard as sleeping on a bamboo mat on the floor. Great!! This is what always happens when you trust Vietnamese people with your best interests. They think totally different from us and do not even consider things that are important to us such as comfort. Suffice it to say that I will be going to another mattress store on my own and trying to find some kind of comfortable topper for my new “high quality” mattress.

 I have had the same experiences with the renovations in the hotel. The owner of the building naturally thinks the Vietnamese way when ordering anything to upgrade the building. I have spoken with her in the past and she has agreed to do things my way, but sometimes forgets that I have specific ideas in mind. She ordered all of the taps for the bathrooms. I saw what had been installed at her request, and demanded they be removed and changed with taps that had bases that were easy to clean. The ones that were bought were cheap and looked ugly. A week passed and I asked when I would be going to help select the new taps. I was informed it was done already. Huh? They could not return the ugly items so instead of informing me they decided on their own to just add a chrome ring under the taps to make them easier to clean as I had requested. When I knew this, I got angry, and for the life of them, they still cannot understand what the problem is. A bathroom fixture has no importance to them. They cannot wrap their minds around that a tidy, clean, and attractive bathroom is important to us. We will see what other kind of surprises in the next day or two. 

Speaking about the next day or two, We are finishing the final touches on the renovations, and will spend the next two days cleaning, setting up furniture, and getting set for our first day. It will be very busy, so my blog may be affected for a few days. I will make an attempt to add something even if it is only a short paragraph… maybe a photo or two. Now off to the confusion……….

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  1. I met the brother of the owner of the Texas BBQ in HCMC. He is an English teacher ther and told me to visit his brother when I made my way to NT. Alas I didn’t make it last year but WILL make it this year. If this is the place on Tran Quang Khai st.

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