Innocent and beautiful

babesRight now I am sitting in a bar in the tourist area. I am typing down some thoughts in the hope that tomorrow I will remember what I am seeing and feeling. The room has suddenly become full of activity. The Greeks have landed. They are quite conspicuous… one has black and white tattoos of Marge Simpson sitting at a bar in frilly underwear tattooed  all along his right side, and I have no idea about the other. Probably has something to do with the family guy I would imagine. I watch them interact with some extremely attractive young women I do not know how to feel about it. These same people the other night were openly smoking drugs in the bar with no consideration of what others thought of it. They are loud, maybe in their late 20’s or early 30’s and perhaps part of a sports team or a tour group. What has got me a little edgy is the girls sitting with them.girls1 Young, perhaps 20 or 22, showing intense interest in everything they are saying in their heavily accented English. I have seen these type of girls over and over again and I am sometimes very saddened by the sight. You see….  The young women here are incurable romantics…..YAWN…. I will continue in the morning.


 There is an innocence about them. Everything they do is about love. The music, the TV, the dreams of being swept away to a better life has infected these young women. They dress in fashions that do the most to express their femininity and sexuality, and their doe eyed looks and gentle way of speaking and giggling makes it very hard not to fall in love with every one of them. They are a sharp contrast to the hard and direct men. So what do I see going on here? Two young romantic girls dressed in eye catching attire, purring and cooing to these guys who I already know are not the cream of the crop. Odds are that in the girl’s quest to find the perfect man to sweep them away and give them their dream life will end up in heartbreak and tears. They will be told lies and stories to get their hopes up in order for a predator to get an advantage. I am seeing it all the time.sweet

Don’t get me wrong…. If a traveler is here and wants to have some fun with some of the many young ladies that make themselves available to the traveler, then by all means have fun. But do it with the gals who are playing the game. These wide eyed innocent romantic girls are venerable and can be hurt easily. I wish I could put on my cape and leotards and come to the rescue, but alas, maybe once in a while, the young lady will succeed in finding Mr. right. I cannot judge, only watch and feel pity for the girl who is laughing today, but will probably be crying tomorrow. What really bothers my though, is on occasion I will see some 60 year old cruising down the street with a couple of under 20 year olds clinging on. Odds are they are not his grand daughters and it makes me angry. For sure the girls are into it for the money they might get, but the man KNOWS he is abusing them. If I was a good commie I would shoot him on the spot. Hey!! if you are old and horney….. pay for it!! Do not use up young women and aid in corrupting their future.

I have experience with this culture and know how easy it is to get into these girls hearts. I have helped coach others when their intentions were good. I could have probably fallen in love dozens of times by now had I not such a loving partner already.


In my opinion, Vietnamese women are precious beings, to be loved and cared for. The culture that breeds them is a hard and maybe that is why they are so. The gentle and nurturing nature of these women make it hard to resist their charms. Add a miniskirt and perfectly applied make up and I am sorry…… you are hooked. Sometimes it seems than NhaTrang is populated by only 20-30 year olds, with the majority of them women, and incurably romantic ones at that. If you are looking for a beautiful, caring, and nurturing wife, you will find her here. But beware!!!  There are also many beauties here that use their looks and dazzling femininity to drain a person of their money before moving on the next.

An interesting statistic…..The word “sex” is  entered as a querey in google by the Vietnamse more than any other country.

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5 thoughts on “Innocent and beautiful

  1. It’s not so different in North America. Young women seeking love and not understanding that sexual attraction doesn’t equal affection. Young women who dream of finding the “ideal” man and getting married and who think somehow their life will magically be perfect from that point forward. Which involves a big reality check when you have to deal with all the ups and downs of having a satisfying life, including things like budgets and health issues. I don’t think we are doing them much of a favour by not teaching them that their worth lies in their skills and accomplishments, not their makeup bag.

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