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I have had many requests for specific information that is personal or not suited for a blog, therefore, I will put out my Hotel email address a bit early. Anyone who has specific questions or want to get in touch with me can do so via the following link

I will supply links and information about hotel very soon.Much of my computer time is now dedicated in building a decent website. That is why you may have noticed a difference in my blog lately

I am finding like at home, paper holderthere are not enough hours in the day to do everything a person wants. In Canada it was because of a routine that chewed up a large portion of the day. Here it is not routine, but enjoyable, however, it seems I still cannot get the work done as I wanted. There is always something that comes up, or plans that change. I think I will never get any free time until I have a dedicated internet connection. It seems that now I have the time for most day to day things……. . There are some things I cannot understand about this country. There are so many things here that I wished would have been at home, yet there is a lacking of even some very basic doorthings for modern times. For example, I have visited furniture stores that have incredible design and functionality, things I would have purchased if affordable at home. There seems to be no veneer here, only solid wood. I have as of yet been able to see a piece made from press or particle board. As a matter of fact, I do not thing the Vietnamese would tolerate it as quality is very important to them. I think they may be further ahead of North America in electronics. I see stores everywhere selling machines I have never seen at home…light Stereos with built in laser light shows and the like. If it comes to ceramic, glass, or metal built items, Vietnam is probably way ahead of us. That being said…….. Vietnams population lives mostly within 40 km of the ocean. The ocean breezes can be corrosive, so why is everything metal here??? Most of the roofs on houses are wavy tin. Why not fiberglass like home? Same thing…. different material. The light fixtures and railings on houses are also mostly metal and very quick to rust in the salty humid air. Almost all gates, window bars, and decorative fences are made from iron. I have seen themrusty manufactured, and most of them are rusted before the paint is applied. Within 1 year these gates will start to show age. The hotel we are remodeling is only 5 years old but you would swear it is 30. Plastic is everywhere here, furniture, fans, plumbing a few examples, but it seems that the Vietnamese have never considered using it for durable house products. For example, almost all windows are either iron or solid wood. The wood warps and fades and needs constant renewing. The metal rusts and needs constant painting. I have seen very few pvc windows. gateOther things like plastic light fixtures and brass faucets covered by a plastic shell would be handy here. They would be slow to corrode. With these thoughts in mind, I ventured out to buy 10 light fixtures for the hotel. I visited every light store in NhaTrang. 99 percent of everything I saw involved exposed metal, and I knew that it would be only months before rust would appear. I finally found good looking imitation wood fixtures in plastic. Another thing I find odd is that this is a country that grills a lot. Most restaurants offer grilled meats and seafood of all types and would be easily done on the BBQ…. But wait!! No BBQ’s here. Why not?? The stoves in the kitchen use the same propane hook up. It seems all BBQ’s are either 45 gallon drums cut in half, filled unfinished gatewith charcoal, or clay pots filled with the same. Another mystery is there are no medicine cabinets in the bathrooms. I looked for them everywhere and was only able to find one as part of a total bathroom package. A mirror hinged to a small cabinet is non existent here. But perhaps the thing that could be most used are plastic cookware. Everything here is metal, and sort of defeats the purpose of non stick cookware if they are scratched right away. I think when I head over to Saigon, a BBQ will be on my to find list.

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