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frontIt has been almost 4 weeks since the renovations started on the hotel. The place is still in chaos. There are scaffolds everywhere, paint and plaster splatters cover the floor. There are as many as 10 people working on different floors all trying to get the building finished by the end of January. I have to admit that I have gone a little but further than I kitchehad planned in renovations, but I am thinking that if the major change is done now, it is less work later. The pictures I am putting on this post are of the state of the building before I got my grubby little hands on it. I am happy to say that is is really starting to look like I dreamed. In 2 or 3 days, I will be ready to add furniture and decorative details. Everything should be completed by the end of January, and be ready to belobby fully operational by Lunar NewYear. We are already fully booked for Tet (Feb 14).

Tet, or the lunar New Year is a big thing here. Years ago, it used to run for 10 days with everything being shut down and quiet. Now everything closes for 3 or 4 days and NhaTrang is one big party. I am bthroomreally hoping the family we book our place to does not trash the place. I have heard horror stories from other hotel owners about what can happen at Tet. Anyway………. I have to register and start designing the hotel website, so off I go. Talk to you tomorrow….

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4 thoughts on “A quickie…

  1. Drifter….. I will post the address along with a link to the hotel website soon… I am always in the mood for a cool one 🙂

  2. Hi Owee & Mai:

    I have a friend from Vietnam,Ho Chi Minh city, and she will be going back home for 4 wks in Feb.of this year and she wanted me to ask you where you are located. I would really appreciate this and good luck with the new Hotel. Janice & Paul

    1. Hi there… I will add a post with an email I canbe contacted at. A lot of people have started asking…. I have a visionof you driving in the cold now, while sip on an iced coffee under sunny skies…. you do not look like you are enjoying it much…. hehehe

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