We all scream for Kem

cairsWicker is a very decorative and durable material. We went to a tiny store and looked in a small showroom at some furniture to put in the hotel. I saw very little that I liked, so I mentioned that I did not see what I was looking for. He lit up and then motioned me to follow. We exited the back door and shockingly, I was in a very large yarded area with a factory the sizetable of a football field. I went into the factory, and there was what I was looking for. I ended up ordering a reception desk, Reception furniture, and complete tables and chairs for 7 rooms, atprice much less than you would think. The furnature will be delivered a few days before we take over. I was also given a gift from the boss. He informed me that he could design anything I require, just take a photo for what I want, or draw it, and it will be done. Wow!

kemIn 1999 there was almost no refridgeration so if a person wanted something cold, it was from an Icecream vendor. There were and still are, specialty ice cream shops, but in the stores or on the street there were few. Kem as it is called is wheeled around on pedal bikes and only one flavor is available. Vanilla with a mild taste of duran. Duran is a very pungent smelling fruit that many westerners find repelling, but once over it, durankids tastes quite good in my opinion. In 1999, it was a real ice cream sandwich. two scoops stuffed in bread similar to our off the shelf sandwich brands. I always got a kick from this. Now I see that cones are offered. The cone is topped with two scoops, a little sweetened condensed milk, ans sprinkled with peanuts. The price is 20 cents if I recall correctly. There are also motorcycle Kem Vendors, but they mostly offer the more modern drumstick, or revell style. I have as of yet to see a popsicle.

scavengerRoad Trip!!

Brad and I are thinking of jumping a bus and headed out for a few days now that most of the critical decisions have been made on the business. Mai is now confident that I can travel here without a baby sitter.  Cell phones here work country wide, se we are only a call away if needed. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to post as usual, but If I do not, I may be in a place that has no internet connection…..

We will see………Let another adventure begin

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4 thoughts on “We all scream for Kem

  1. I was in VietNam in 1971-1972 and made my first return trip in 2004, returning again in 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and planning again in April of 2010. Hope to see you when I come to Nha Trang to visit friends.

  2. During the war there was a frozen popcicle on offer on the streets sold out of 5 gallon milk containers banana as I remember with tiny bamboo sticks and also a not very tastey flan sold the same way out of a chilled stainless milk cans…..

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