Ao Dai Dep…….

fruityBrad is looking really cool with his new wheels, and celebrated with a fruity beverage. I think the basket in the front adds a certain personality. Great for carrying flowers, his purse, or bags of puffy things I would imagine. The lack of a clutch, and the different shifting pattern had him a bit shaky. After a time, he improved. I am sure he will have it in no time… Tomorrow….. into traffic we will go…. YeeHaa!

Vietnamese youth are extremely curious, and eager to learn and experiment. A person cannot go anywhere without the young trying to practice their English. The calls of hello and what is your name almostride become background noise. All students here wear uniforms. The Elementary kids wear white shirts with navy dresses and trousers. Junior and high school girls wear a white Ao Dai (pronounced ow yai). The boys a smart shirt, tie, and slacks of blue. The college girls wear Ao Dais of different colors depending on the school. Again the studentsboys sharply dressed. Lastly there are the athletic schools and the military schools. These students are all dressed the same in sports clothing, or military garb. Everyday in the very early morning, all the students are off to school, an army of beauty. They travel by Bicycle or foot The girls flowing Ao Dais flow behind them gently blowing in the breeze, like a fantasy ice capade. At 11:30 they suddenly appear again to make their way home for lunch and aao dai break. They head back at 1:30 until 5pm. Many of them will return after supper for a couple of hours of tutoring and finish at 9pm. A long day of school for a young person. This includes Saturdays. Try finding students like that at home is a rarity.

When the high school, college and university students are off…. The enjoy life as fast and as much as they can. They have so little hours to do student ao daiit. Maybe that is why they always react instantly rather than think about things. The evening hours from 6 until 10 the city is alive with young people. In coffee shops, singing karaoke, but the most plesant sight is the number of young people that head down to the ocean.

Romance is in the air. As the sun sets, thousands of young people head to the seaside for romantic encounters. The sight of young couples gazing deeply into each others eyes sitting together hand in hand. It all looks so innocent and cute. It lifts the spirit to see it all around you. A perfect place for an evening stroll.

You may have noticed that the last few posts were shorter than normal. I have very little time on the internet at the moment, but do want to keep writing. Please be paitient, or even suggest a topic you want me to write about. Some of the topics I wish to discuss will take a lot longer than the limited time I have with an internet connection. It will probably be mid Febuary or even march before I have a permanent connection.

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  1. I think the ao dai is so beautiful and the sexiest of all national dress. They say it covers everything but hides nothing….I have to agree.

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