Iced coffee is good!!! Really!!

Mr LinhYesterday we drank way too much coffee. First coffee at home, then off to the coffee shop in a rush to write the blog. While sitting there, Brad received a text message for us to meet a friend  for coffee, so off we went to join him for coffee. Mr. Linh is a man who lives here, speaks good English, and befriended Brad on his last trip. At this moment, he is sitting across from me talking to his family in Canada. We are waiting for a motorcycle toTalking be delivered. With the help of my nephew, Brad is purchasing a used motorbike. It makes sense, it will be almost the same cost to rent one for the time he is here. We will be doing some road trips, so stay tuned for the adventure……

street sweepersI have come to the conclusion that Vietnam is a dangerous place for kids. I personally do not know of a single adult that does not bear some kind of scar from a childhood accident, and if somehow they manage to pull it off, theyBin then have to deal with the hazard of riding a bicycle in this traffic. I have more than once come close to colliding with kids, weaving unexpectedly into my path. The structures in which they live and play are all constructed from brick, cement, and concrete. Marble and ceramic is peekused to finish interiors. Barbed and broken glass fences protect the properties. Thorned trees and sharp grasses along with other jungle type hazards are plentiful. In to city, I have seen transformer boxes on electric poles open with bare wires at knee level. Even in my own house… My nephew’s son came running into the room crying he had been bit by something. When we went to look, we discovered that a hot bare wire was cut flush with the wall, and a curious kid was wondering what it was.hole

I see many kids playing in the streets with objects that we would take away from them immediately. Sticks, stones, rusted chunks of tin, items picked up from garbage piles. All things that can cut or bruise. I have to give them credit though, they are tough little buggers. I see them run down gravel roads in bare feet to kick back a soccer ball worn to the railpoint of bursting. I see others fence with tree branches and land blows that would fell an adult. My own nephew is missing one eye from this past activity. Some toys I see the young children play with that would be banned in Canada with small parts that can be swallowed, and probably are. I have seen a lot of burn marks from contact with hot motorcycle exhaust edges

Another hazard that is shared by all people, not just the kids, are the uneven sidewalks, curbs, or lack of them. Also, motorbikes are parked everywhere. There may not be room for a pedestrian to walk as the sidewalk is being used in some manner for a business, or parking area. The walk in front of the business is often reshaped into something different making is so uneven, that a person hardhas to constantly be looking where they are stepping.  Things may be changing a bit. I have seen some kids in the city playing with more toys than in the past. Maybe people are making more money, or maybe toys are finally being imported. There are many more things here that can break toes, or cut limbs. Children here have to learn very fast and very young how to prevent injury.

Now….. Brad and I are off for an adventurous driving lesson. He has some limitedst experience with the rules of the road, but a person can not really know how to drive here until immersed in its madness. Should make for some interesting comments……

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5 thoughts on “Iced coffee is good!!! Really!!

  1. Happy New Year Owee. Ya i know it’s late,to many beers at the casle this year.Better late then not at all.Went to the bike show today Melting slushy pools of water so tempting to ride my bike.Brad looks cute with his bike and puffy bag.Hey is there any icecream bikes there?Are all there bikes like scooters?Waiting to here all about your rides.Oh ya did you sign Brad? Maybe if you and 300 more would retire i could get better.Keep the bikes between the lines.oh,no lines.While keep them up right.You boys want HD stickers for the bikes,saddle bags,fairing,milk creats or rack with cooler? Take care guys,waiting for your read.Well done Owee.See you sooner Brad.

  2. One of my pet peeves about Viet Nam is the way the people abuse the sidewalks. Using them for everything from extensions of their business, to garbage dumps, to places to sleep. By the end of my stay I’m about to scream as I have to navigate the sidewalks like an asteroid field and just about as dangerous.

  3. yep- my husband knows a thing or two about being burnt by a hot motobike exhaust…got one in hanoi which took weeks and weeks and weeks to heal!

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