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Now,some of my friends are in a castle celebrating New year back home… My thoughts are with you guys.

I am posting a quick blog tonight as I am off on another road trip tomorrow morning. I lazily asked my nephew how long a drive it was on Li’l sissy to drive to a mountain city called Dalat. beAchHis head perked up excitedly at me asking this innocent question. Him and I are now going to brave a mountain highway and spend Saturday driving in country to Dalat, an older resort city built up in the mountains by the French when they occupied the country. Maybe It will make for a good story…. The Adventure continues…..



Let me tell you a little about NhaTrang. I have probably spoken a bit about it in the past, but I will go into a bit of detail. NhaTrang itself is not a very large city. It looks and feels like one, especially with the surrounding communities added in. There is not however, no real shopping centers or supermarkets. It is a city of hotels, beaches and fun. There are 2 beaches. One beach runs for almost the entire length of the city, and another smaller bay on the north side of the river. There is a back-packer areafront street where almost all of the foreign tourists stay and never leave. Many of the foreign residents are also in this area. Any food type youfront street1 can get at home is available here. Except for maybe Chinese food….. Huh.. isn’t that strange?

The city is a wealth of coffee shops, bars, and good food establishments. If you are a seafood lover, here is where it is at. I have eaten some very bizarre seafood here, but it has all been good. After a hard day of work, the locals will head for a few hours of romance, good eating, and fun. The bars and café’s outside the tourist area are alive with excitement and action. At around 10 pm, most of the locals are home getting ready for the next daysbeech1 work. Some however, will drift to the night clubs and bars that do not start getting customers until 9 or 10. Then NhaTrang rocks!! There is the bar scene, the pretty boys and girls in their fashion clothing. You can find a club with good times and drinks as cheap as fifty cents a bottle, or splurge at the most expensive ocean side nightclub for 3.50 for the same beer. The law is that everything must close at 12:00, however, there are a few exceptions that seem to be able to stay open. Probably greasing the wheel a bit I think. There is a community of about 1000 foreigners here. Many of them have a similar story. They came for a holiday, fell in love with the city, and never left. Others are here because their pension dollar can go a long way. There used to be an airport in town, but that has been closed. A person now has to fly in to Cam Ranh Bay, a 30 to 40 minute ride. A taxi that distance can run 15-20 dollars. Myself, I will take the train from now on. It was not an unpleasant trip last time. Get a sleeper car, it is a little bit more but at 15.00 or so, it is worth the extra comfort.

You will find a plethora of hotels to choose from. The Yasaka, Vin Pearl resort, and the brand new Sheraton are world class hotels, costing hundreds of dollars a night. There are small Guesthouses hidden down quiet dark alleys that can be had for 5.00 a night, and everything in between. There are hotels in all areas. You may elect to stay in the high tourist areas, or stay more in the real NhaTrang where there is still lots to see and do, but a different flavor.


There is probably a lot more I could say but I am sure details will get filled in future blogs.

As one final thought……   I will have to do a piece on the girls and boys of Vietnam. I just finished Yahoo chatting with a sweet and wonderful young woman I know. She has left me in high spirits. Grrrrrrrr!!! If I was 22 there is no way she could run fast enough to get away from me..  But Alas….. I love my wife, and I am way to old for that kind of action. I truley hope she can find a man who thinks she is as special as I think she is.

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  1. I’ve stayed at the Yasaka and have stayed at a 12USD a night place with a view of the ocean. The little places here are the best. Nha Trang is my favorite town in Viet Nam. I hope to live there too one day. Great food and great people make this town. Plenty to do and not far from anywhere. Lac Cahn is a great restaurant as is CoCo Verte, the Ahn My is also one of my favorites to visit. See you in April.

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