Rain rain go away!!

Again, I will post a few random pictures throughout this page te ease the boredom of my droning on…….Sidewalk traffic

Hooray!! Cockroach problem seems to be solved. 3 days and no sightings.


Last night the rain came down in sheets. The only rain I have experienced as heavy as this was when we had severe flooding on July a few years back. Unlike Edmonton, this city can take it. For a short time, the road in front of my house became a raging river. I am fortunate enough to have local buddies now, even though Jeepwe have difficulty communicating at times, they are very quick at understanding my needs and desires, therefore, as it rained heavily on Friday night, beer was rushed to my house. No problem about not having cash on hand….. pay tomorrow.

Speaking about beer. It has to be the most popular drink in Vietnam other than coffee sua da. It is the same price, Heratige Daysor cheaper than many other drinks. An average price for a beer in a restaurant will cost you 12000 Dong ( about .60 cents ) A Coke will be the same or more. As a general rule, beer and coffee will be the cheapest beverage on the menu. Wine is reasonable too at about 50-100000 dong ( 2-5 dollars ). I just had a case of Saigon beer delivered, (yes…. Free delivery) and the cost per 500 ml bottle was 6000 dong or .30 cents signeach. If you are a dieter…… beware!! There are no low sugar drinks anywhere. The only diet drink I have found so far is some diet Coke, so unless you are a Coke fan, you will be out of luck. I guess up until now, the Vietnamese have had no need for low calorie drinks. This might change in the near future as I have noticed that the younger generation are quite a bit heavier than in the past. No doubt to fast foodgreen being introduced to them.

Many of you are probably wondering at the cost of things here as compared to home. I will give you some examples in US dollars:

1 lb of oranges .35 cents

1 dozen brown eggs 1.00

1 meal in a local restaurant 1-2 dollars

A first class buffet or meal 6.00Angels

½ hour drive in Saigon in taxi 5.00

Pair of shorts 4-5 dollars

Woman’s Designer Blue jeans 5.00

6 person quality dining room table & chairs 450.00

1 lb of marlin steak 1.50

Big Budget hotel 7.00 per nightsewage

Average hotel 15-25 per night

5 star 60-150 per night

Cigarettes a buck

1 week all inclusive travel with guide about 400.00

Some things are exactly the same as home, such as computers, mp3 players, and stereo equipment. And amazingly, some things are more expensive such as microwaves.

All in all, life here is much less expensive than in other countries. A standard North American pension can give a person a very nice life here.

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  1. Hi Owee
    Been many years since I last seen you last.(Stagg Night)
    Frezzing up here in Edmonton,I just sit home and take in your warm pictures and notes…..your liven the dream !

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