Creepy crawlies…. eeeeek!!


Tough guyI mentioned in an earlier post that the previous owner of our new home was a dirty person. Well, the tenants he had were worse than first thought. I had thought that my cockroach problem was eliminated until I decoded to track down a slight chirping sound I could hear at night. I was not sure if it was coming from inside or out. Late into the Bignight I entered the kitchen area and turned on the light….. OMG!!! big bugs!! Lots of them. …. But wait….. let’s back up a bit.

My wife has had a few surprises that we have found quite humorous. One morning, she was watering some house plants when she was startled by a giant bullfrog jumping out of roachone of the planters. I dutifully shooed it across the road to the frantic insistence of my darling wife. Another time she jumped a foot into the air when she opened a cupboard door and a lizard, more scared than her came hurtling out. (a good chuckle that one) I Started to be concerned when one night we went to bed and a large bug of some sort scurried away. The final straw was when I went to bed 2 nights ago. AfterDead Roachgiving my wife a goodnight kiss, I rolled onto my back and had a giant cockroach scurry up the back of my head and over my face!!  Egad!! Time to transform into the Oweenator!

At firs I tried just to kill them by stomping on them or batting with a broom. These bugs give a bone shuddering crunch under the foot, so….. no more of that. Some are too fast and always got away. After politelyGarbage turning down a marrage proposal, I was told by a woman where to purchase a spray that would kill them. The spray is very effective. With just one shot, I have terminated at least 30 of the damn things. Tonight the hunt continues.

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4 thoughts on “Creepy crawlies…. eeeeek!!

  1. I realize the problem will always be thee… But, thay are all gone for now, and the house is clean. We should have a lot less trouble in the future. With sauce???? mmmmmmm

  2. A couple of thoughts on this.
    First, cockroaches are ubiquitous (if I spelled that right). Short of burning down the building, you won’t get rid of them. Put all your food in things like metal or ceramic sealable containers. Consider getting a cat – having a small predator in the house keeps the bug level minimized. Odds are every single building in that area of the city is infested and even if you fumigated the place they’d get back in. Ask around to see what locals do.
    Second, what’s in the bug spray? Many pesticides that are banned in North America (due to health concerns)are still retailed in developing countries. It may not be properly safety labelled. Look up the ingredients on some credible online sites (eg. US Environmental Protection Agency) and find out how to handle it safely (or at all)and whether it should even be used indoors. Consider getting “roach hotels,” the bug traps that you can set down in rooms to trap and kill them without all the running around too.
    Good luck!

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