A nice lunch…. Cheap!!

Found a new restaurant that is an excellent value. Most of the dishes are soup based, but that is fine with me. I have become quite a fan of the Vietnamese hearty soups that serve as a complete meal.sign

seafood congeeThe seafood congee is full of large chunks of squid and shrimp. One of the best flavored soups I have ever had. (short of my wife’s of course)



rib soup and beerThe rib soup is very good also. I think all of the food here will be worth sampling. Oh, and the cost?

The seafood congee is appx 60 cents US and the rib soup the most expensive on the menu at $1.10. The beer???  a whopping .40 cents.



I am trying to take some lessons from my friend Jari, and snap some quality photo’s to share……….   Now, off to business. Chao

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