A few oddities

The internet is too slow today to do any real blogging, so, a few odds and ends with no photo’s.
Installing locks on doors here is very different than in North America. Every doorknob, gate, window, or anything else for that matter has its own key. I tried to get identical door sets keyed the same in order to minimumize the weight, but was told it was impossible. I ended up with 9 keys just to open my house. I will have to work on that one. I am sure there must be locks that can be re-keyed somewhere in this country..

Grills and coffee pots as we know them are nowhere. I have searched high and low…….. still shopping…

We went to the bank yesterday to deposit money into our account. We were shocked and dismayed that as a foreigner we can only deposit foreign currency, and then withdraw it as Vn Dong. We cannot make deposits in the local currency. That gets me to thinking….
1: Why would I make deposits and withdraw when the black market pays higher rates.
2: If I sell a property for 2 billion Dong… What the heck do I do with the cash??????

I have no permanant internet connection as of yet. Hopefully in 3-4 weeks I will be hooked up and be able to spend more time on some issues….

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One thought on “A few oddities

  1. Buy a safe and install it in the floor or something?
    Actually, this reminds me of South Africa in the old days, where they didn’t want whites leaving the country with all the wealth – you couldn’t obtain hardly any foreign currency and there was a dollar limit of how much you could take outside the country (just a few thousand per year). People had all kinds of ways to get money “out” of the country and into foreign exchange – including buying things like gold and diamonds when they were on vacation. You guys probably just need to keep Canadian bank accounts and deposit a percentage of your funds here.

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