I just spent 14 million part 2

another viewSupperAs usual, I am sitting in a little piece of paradise. In front of me are flowering lotuses and a small waterfall. It is a warm 30 with a cool ocean breeze blowing across the topaz ble water. Some fisher ladies have set up their catch in large plastic bowls, displaying shrimp as big as average Atlantic lobsters. Ahhhhhh…. life is good. Now, on with the story.

Our neiborhoodAs I mentioned before, everything was removed from our house. I was forced to go out and purchase a few items important for our comfort. At the moment, an air conditioner is not needed. the prevailing breeze from the ocean cools our house nicely. The shots you will see on this page are from our house and area. Today we went out and purchased a fridge, stove, microwave and rice cooker. The total 6,900,000. We made the transaction in the downtown and as is common in Vietnam, the goods were delivered, and set up in our house within the hour. Delivery included in the price. I now faced a dilemma…..  There is no bus service in this are so I have to either use a taxi, ( which was getting very expensive ) or buy a bicycle.Drive to districtI chose the bike, but came to realize that I could purchase a cheap motorcycle for the same price as buying aq new bike. After haggling the price, and denying the proposal of a second wife from the owner of the motorcycle shop. I upgraded from my original idea and settled on a motorcycle for 7,000,000. Now here is the fun part. One of our dollars is 18000 of theirs.House angleThe fridge, microwave, rice cooker, and stove came to a grand total of  350 Cdn, and the motorcycle the same.

I am quickly running out of Internet time, so a few more words and pics.

I have noticed a change in life here. I think the government is trying to make it even more tourist friendly. There is no need to fear for security here. the police watch out for the tourists interests. district1One thing missing though, is the lack of tempters and temptresses that try to lure you into their establishments for all kinds of services….. I miss that… It was part of the charm of Asia I thought. Another random comment…  I have te opportunity to have a working retirement if I wish. Already I have offers of several partnerships, being an extended educator in English, and of course a IT Tech. I have already met and discussed some you scratch my back deals with business owners here….   Damn!!!   I love it.from balcony

Now, a few pics and goodbye for nowMy Pho restaurantCoffe and egg restaurantDistrict2

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