Good morning Vietnam…… again!

Well……. It is day one in Vietnam, and let me tell you, it was a doozie. I am sitting on a balcony, overlooking a nice street that has one of the classic landmarks of Saigon…….   their power and telephone lines. P1040052 [320x200]But before we get into the days events, I will finish off about the getting here. Unfortunately, all of the kids did not end up in first class, and many were seated around us. Thankfully, they were not too bad and the screaming was almost tolerable. Wearing the headphones to watch a movie made it bearable. The flight went off with no hitches…. As a matter of fact…. everything so ar has been either an incredible run of luck, or retirees are truly charmed. The flight was on time, food was good, all connections made, our luggage in tact, and most importantly… there was very little chaos at the Vietnam airport. The only small drawback was that I never got the chance to try some Japanese fast food at the airport… There was nothing!! unless you exited security zone there was no noodles, no fish, no sushi,…… nothing. Oh well… on with Vietnam.P1040048 [320x200]

We arrived late at night and My Sister in law was waiting with a small transport van to take the mountain of luggage that we took. ( what a dear ). We spent the night In her house, then went to check in to our hotel today. We decided to use a small budget hotel located in the main tourist district called the Hong Han Guesthouse. It is staffed by two very friendly young people Tu and Tra. I am sure they will take very good care of us. So far, they have been extremely helpful and full of joy. They help to remind me of what i find so desirable about this country.

P1040050 [320x200]After a tough day shopping in the downtown area, dodging traffic and feeding a few small dollars to the people who could use a little help. we were met by my beautiful young friend and her brother. As you can see from the photo, she has a bandage on her ankle. The poor dear had a motorcycle accident last week but was still able to meet with us and hobble along to the restaurant.  Poor Gal..   Her name is Thu and her brother is Nam. Another two very nice young people I am happy to know. Their hometown is near Nhatrang, but are currently working or going to school in Saigon.P1040065 [320x200] We went for dinner to a famous resort called Binh Quoi… don’t even try to pronounce it. We dined on an excellent buffet of seafood, mostly shellfish. There were other delicacies there that are unusual to the Vietnamese diet such as french fries and onion rings..   Hah!!  Following is a few more pictures… Lastly, there is a sandwich here that is out of this world. It is called a Doner Kebab. I had one in Hanoi last year, and have found one here. I will perhaps enjoy one tomorrow. mmmmmmmmmmP1040057 [320x200]

P1040058 [320x200]P1040070 [320x200]P1040078 [320x200]


Now I am too drowsy to do anymore…..goodnight

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