Up…. Up…… and Away!!

We are sitting in the airport waiting to board our flight to Tokyo, and then to Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ) You would think we would nervous, but queerly, we feel quite calm. There is nothing behind that needs our attention, no possessions to worry about.

I never knew I was the adventurous type.

Last night I had a fulfilling meal of deep fried octopus, and steamed Squid….  mmmmmm   I wonder what the Tokyo food courts will offer…   I can’t wait!!  I love experimenting with different foods.

I am a bit nervous that this flight will be hellish….   There are children running all around us while we are waiting to board. There seems to be three types of passengers on this flight…   Adult and senior Japanese, Foreign couples (Us), and Middle East family’s with lots of children….


Now  It is time to board…. See you all soon

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