A little break

Nothing much going on for the next few days.
We took a little side trip into the United States to visit friends. One of them was a person that I met on-line. He lives near a naval base in Washington.  Pretty cool to se aircraft carriers and submarines. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and proves that developing relationships on the web can happen. We will be getting together again in Feb. when he also will travel to Vietnam.

A few random thoughts;
A box of Heineken in Canada 28.00…. in the US 13.00… are we getting hosed or what?

Never, but never be in a hurry to go somewhere in rural USA on a Sunday as church is getting out!!

Lastly, going over the border has never been so fast and easy. More electronic security is evident, but the stories of delays, and close screening touted by many media seems not to be the case.

Unless some significant event occurs, the next blog will be in transit to Nha Trang

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