The adventure

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Ever daydreamed about what it would be like to give up everything and start again?…..We have started to live the dream. Be it pleasant or a nightmare time will tell. Follow along as we make the transition from Middle class working Canadians, to retirees walking on white coral sand beeches in Nhatrang Vietnam.

This blog will be dedicated to any topic we find interesting enough to talk about, and your input will be welcome.

The adventure begins……


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3 thoughts on “The adventure

  1. The thing on T.A painted a pretty grim picture of my chances over there.I’m a realist and understand it’s probably never going to happen,but at least i know now!
    It’s not going to stop me from returning and buying you a beer one day though !

  2. Hi Owee,
    Thanks for the reply on TA.
    Just read a few grat snippets from your archives and am really looking forward to reading all your tales and advice.
    Hope you dont mind if i tap in to your knowledge from time to time!

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